About Our Beef

Mindful Meats’ groundbreaking philosophy in meat sourcing is refreshing and very much needed. The current meat marketplace is a truly difficult place to find delicious, respected and sustainably harvested animals – this company does.                                           ~ Executive Chef Nicolaus Balla, Bar Tartine Restaurant, San Francisco

Superior beef begins with well cared for animals and respect for the land. The quality of our cows life is very important to us and to our farmers. Our cows spend their lives grazing the sweet, floral grasses of West Marin and Sonoma counties here in Northern California. They live an average of five years on pastures, with over eighty-percent of their lifetime diet coming from their pasture. Other than pasture, approximately twenty-percent of their diet is balanced throughout the years with organic silage, alfalfa, and grains. .

We are proud to say that our cows are sourced from some of the leading farmers in sustainable and humane dairy production.

Having pasture-raised cows that are also Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified ensures that we are providing the purest source of beef we can find. We are proud to be the first Non-GMO Project Verified beef company in the United States.

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